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River Action launches matchfunding crowdfunder

Fundraising to save Britain’s rivers from ecological collapse!


In support of Earth Day 2022, River Action has launched a new crowdfunder to save our rivers – which is being supported by a generous donor who is matchfunding every donation.

With the funds raised, we intend to launch a powerful nationwide campaign to call and put pressure on government to protect our rivers from the barrage of pollution destroying them.

Our target is £25kFor every £1 donated we have another donor who will match-fund your donation. So essentially your donation will be doubled! 

As always, thank you for your support.


Charles Watson, Chairman of River Action said,

 ‘The state of our rivers is a national disgrace, with many in severe ecological decline due to constant pressure from both sewage discharge and agricultural malpractice. We must act now to save them before it’s too late.’


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