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From kicking off the year as an ambitious team of four, River Action has quickly grown into an independent organisation of twelve passionate campaigners – all of whom are driven with an unquenchable thirst to protect and restore Britain’s rivers.  

“Since its inception, River Action has been focused on targeting the polluting agri-industries and the regulatory bodies responsible for enforcing existing environmental laws. This year, we won a landmark court ruling to sue the Environment Agency for failing to protect the River Wye; we filed complaints against the Red Tractor’s misleading marketing claims and we achieved a public commitment from Avara Foods to ensure their supply chain no longer contributes to excess phosphate in the Wye by 2025.

“In the summer, River Action launched the Charter for Rivers (and the Charter’s hugely popular accompanying petition) in parliament.  Shortly after we attended major political party conferences and convened key discussions to maintain pressure and ensure that healthy rivers are a top voting priority ahead of the upcoming general election. 

“All the while, River Action remains steadfastly committed to supporting community groups to stand up for their rivers. We have had a very successful twelve months empowering local community groups and working with citizen scientists, fellow activists and sporting heroes to hold water companies and polluting industries to account. 

We would like to thank all our supporters, donors, partners, advisors and communities for your incredible support. Our combined impact through key public and community initiatives, national media coverage and petition submission to No 10 are sending the message that it’s high time current and future governments commit to resolving the freshwater emergency before it’s too late.” 

Molly Allen, River Action’s Communication’s Coordinator