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Packed Event to Plan for Action Against Sewage Pollution in the River Thames

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our community reception in Henley on 14 June.

It was fantastic to see such a great turnout, with more than 70 people sweltering in Henley Town Hall’s committee room! Thank you for giving up your time so generously on such a beautiful evening to come and hear all about sewage pollution.

The hope is that by working together, we can hold polluters to account and effect real and positive change. And we’re already getting noticed – the event was covered in the Henley Standard, Henley Herald and the Times.

Missed the start of the event? Couldn’t make it on the night? Or simply want a reminder of all that was said? Never fear – you can find information below:

Windrush Against Sewage Pollution (WASP): Sewage Pollution of the River Thames by Henley STW

Henley Mermaids: What’s in the water at Henley? 

James Wallace, CEO of River Action outlines the problem:


River Action, the Mermaids, Thames21 and WASP – wider work 

There’s so much going on that if you want to get involved in wider projects to tackle river pollution, we would love to hear from you. 

River Action: Please sign River Action’s ‘Rescue our Rivers’ petition here, calling for political leaders to adopt our Charter for Rivers and commit to freshwater health by 2030. 

Thames21: Find out more about Thames21’s Reclaim Our rivers campaign – and how you can get involved – here.

Thames 21 is also running a consultation survey, asking people to share their thoughts on plans to apply for designated bathing water status at Marsh Meadows. Please give your views by filling in the form here. 

Henley Mermaids: Keep in touch with what the Mermaids are up to on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their website is here

Windrush Against Sewage Pollution (WASP): Find out more about WASP’s work on their website here, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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