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Our Frequently Asked Questions

The main ways we are asking you to support our cause are the following:

  • Please donate and support our work to save our rivers
  • Sign and share River Action’s petition to call on government to properly fund environmental protection, read more here.
  • Write to your parliamentary representative to express your support and call on them to act on the river pollution crisis. You can find details on how to do this here.

Also, please follow us on our social media channels, where we regularly share details on current and future campaigns: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

We are grateful for your donations. Contributions will be hugely beneficial in helping support our campaigns to fight river pollution.

You can make your donation via the donations option on the website

You will have the option here to choose the amount you would like to donate.

Thank you!

We do not currently have any volunteer opportunities available.

Future opportunities will be posted on our website and on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

River Action does not have any regional of specific river catchment groups. We recommend reaching out to the Rivers Trust who are doing remarkable work to protect rivers and are actively seeking volunteers.

The Rivers Trust is an umbrella organisation for 65 individual Rivers Trusts across the UK and Ireland.

There are also many individual rivers groups that have been set to campaign against pollution. A quick search on the internet should confirm whether your local river has such an organisation.

Please sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on our work and progress.

All updates will also be posted on the news section of our website and on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. – follow us there!

River Action cannot take any official action on incidences of water pollution. The official authorities to report incidents to in the UK are the Environment Agency in England, Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). If you report incidents, make sure you ask for a reference number. This will allow you to get an update on the incident, and check whether the site was inspected.

We know that due to severe underfunding, agencies are often not able to act on pollution incidences and River Action is currently campaigning to get these bodies refunded so they can better enforce the law and prosecute offenders.

If you have pictures or videos of agricultural or sewage pollution from a river in your area, please feel free to share these with us. Where possible, we will endeavour to amplify the pollution problem via our social media channels and, in some circumstances, may be able to include the incident in our campaigning and policy materials. However, please note, we are a small organisation with limited resources, therefore, we may not be able to respond and act on all pollution reports.

Please feel free to contact us – and we will do our best to help with your inquiry

We are always looking for new photographic and video evidence of river pollution that we can use on our website and share via social media. If you are a photographer or spend a lot of time on/by rivers and would like to share your photos, please contact us – We will always reference the photographer where relevant.


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