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ENDS report: Environmental groups welcome the creation of River Action

The UK’s leading environmental publication – the ENDS report – has covered our campaign to fight the desperate ecological state of the River Wye…

River Action is continuing to call on the UK’s largest egg producer Noble Foods to take immediate action to address the significant environmental degradation caused to the River Wye by the intensive poultry industry in the area.

In the publication’s latest article on River Action, Will Crisp speaks with leading environmental groups and conservationists who have reportedly welcomed the creation of the group – including Stuart Singleton-White, Head of Campaigns at the Angling Trust and Rhiannon Niven, a senior policy advisor at RSPB.

In a statement, Noble Foods said “protecting the environment is extremely important” for the company. However, just a week prior to the article, they published their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report where there is not one mention of the run-off of chicken manure into the Wye – the number one environmental issue facing the company.  

River Action’s chairman Charles Watson states “it appears that regulators have almost given up on trying to curtail the damage being done by the poultry farms in this area.

“As things stand, large agribusinesses play a critical role in the supply chain. They have immense power over the smaller companies that they deal with and that is why we are targeting them first.”

Read the full article here.

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