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River Action take Environment Agency and DEFRA to court

Landmark legal action to save River Wye from pollution Hundreds of people fearful for the ecological collapse of the River Wye, including river campaigner Feargal Sharkey, today gathered outside Cardiff’s Civil Justice Centre supporting a landmark legal case pursued by River Action against the Environment

River Action launches legal crowdfunder to save the River Wye

River Action has been granted consent to pursue a legal challenge against the Environment Agency over its failure to enforce critical agricultural pollution regulations called the Farming Rules for Water.  We will argue that by failing to prevent the spread of excessive levels of manure

Introducing Austin’s River Rescue Rocket!

A huge thank you to eight-year-old Austin for sending over his brilliant invention, the ‘River Rescue Rocket’, which he created for his class’s science project as a solution to combat river pollution. Take a read of his proposal below. Every detail has been thought out,


“From kicking off the year as an ambitious team of four, River Action has quickly grown into an independent organisation of twelve passionate campaigners – all of whom are driven with an unquenchable thirst to protect and restore Britain’s rivers.   “Since its inception, River Action has