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[Sky News] Black Samphire – an environmental folk horror, featuring the voice of Stephen Fry – fuses rural myth and the real-life threat of the climate crisis to shine a light on the UK’s growing water pollution problem… (Read More)


Black Samphire is a chilling, British folk horror short film that circulates the theme of water pollution, our complex relationships with our environment and the consequences of ignoring the signs.

Co-produced by Silicon Gothic and River Action, the film is scheduled for premiere on 21 March, just before World Water Day.

About Silicon Gothic


When Mari, an overworked journalist and her girlfriend, Isla take a weekend away in West Sussex, they stumble across a strand of strange samphire. With Isla developing an obsessive addiction to the poisonous plant, Mari is catapulted into a super-natural confrontation against her lifelong partner, in which she must face the consequences of ignoring the signs.

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